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Anahi Rayen Mariluan

I´m a singer, I´m a Mapuche musician. I write and compose songs in Mapuzungun (language of the Mapuche people). I make my compositions with the conviction of contributing to the future of the town to which I belong. In this other way of saying that complements speech, I sing to the women, the grandmothers and the Mapuche territory, which we continue to inhabit.
I released four albums: Kisulelaiñ - We are not alone (2015), Amulepe taiñ purrun - Let our dance continue (2016), Mankewenüy - Amiga del cóndor (2018) and Futrakecheyem zomo - Ancestras (2021), through the Argentine label Club del Disco . At this moment, the fifth album entirely dedicated to water is being released online.
I´m grateful for music. I constantly visit cities in Patagonia and the rest of Argentina. I had the opportunity to give concerts in Germany (Jena, Berlin, Bonn, Heidenheim and Köln), Spain (Barcelona and Valencia) and Holland. I also participated in festivals in Cuba, Peru (Lima and Cusco), Chile (Temuco, Valdivia, Coyhaique, Manquemapu) and the United States (New York).
In the audiovisual field, I contributed original music for the microfictions Mapuzungun – el Habla de la Tierra (Canal Encuentro), the documentaries Pupila de mujer (DOCTV), Mankewenüy, Wampo and and the fiction feature film Cuentos de la tierra (INCAA).
I work on sound, historical and literary archives, always in relation to songs.​

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